Welcome Fellow Goddess!

You might not be feeling much like a Goddess at this very moment… in fact you might feel plagued with uncomfortable physical symptoms and consumed with doubt and worry about just where your life is going.

Like you’re falling apart.

Your body is changing. The people or things that once held the greatest meaning for you have left, or you want to leave THEM!

Yet I assure you:  there is a wise Goddess inside you and she is part of you.

Holistic Hot Sauce is about getting back in touch with your own radiant, hot and wise Goddess self.

Right now you might be:
A) experiencing perimenopausal symptoms and wondering just what the hell is going on, or
B) in the throes of menopause and ready to explode, or
C) done with all this menopause stuff, but still feeling crappy and wondering what the hell’s next.

Menopause is a potent transformation in a woman’s life. The entire process can last approximately ten years – so, for most of us this isn’t something we can brush aside and wait out.

It’s almost a rebirth – which means it’s a humongous opportunity to do a 180 and change all those beliefs and behaviors that just aren’t serving you.

More than that:  It’s an opportunity to give birth to something new, to something great that has been waiting to be born.

Are you ready to access the spiritual gifts and creative potential available to you at this stage of life?


“…the clarity of vision and increasing intolerance for injustice and inequity that accompany the perimenopausal changes are a gift. Our hormones are giving us an opportunity to see, once and for all, what we need to change in order to live honestly, fully, and healthfully in the second half of our lives.”

~Christiane Northrup, M.D.,
author of The Wisdom of Menopause, and Goddesses Never Age

You’ll find some information on these pages about natural remedies for hot flashes and other uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. But, tending to our physical bodies is only one part of this.

Our spirits must be cultivated as well – through ritual, meditation, some sort of regular communication of the divine. I’m realizing that we need these things even more profoundly as we step into the turbulent waters of the menopausal years, and navigate the second half of life.

And we need each other. We need sharing.

Gone are the days when menopause was a word only spoken in euphemisms – in hushed voices, with a hand partially covering the mouth. Gone are the days of shame and embarrassment – both about our bleeding and about its cessation.

I intend to create a community here at Holistic Hot Sauce. A sisterhood. A safe circle where we can explore and celebrate our power surges together.

A circle of Surging Women – think of the beautiful havoc we can wreak, the positive changes we can bring to the world!

Join us!