San Miguel De Allende


Saturday, February 25th, 2017, 10 am – 2 pm
Workshop: Manifesting Made Simple – How to Use Your Mind to Create What You Want
with Sarah Powers and Margaret Nash

Have you tried some manifesting techniques and then wondered why they don’t quite work for you?

The Law of Attraction is working whether you believe in it or not—so why not get it to work in your favor?!

Join Margaret Nash and Sarah Powers, both certified life coaches, for this fun and interactive workshop. Learn and practice easy techniques for bringing more of what you want in your own life and into the world,  Whether it’s more love, more prosperity, better health, or simply a new outlook, these techniques bring results!

Manifesting and the desire to create a better life is not just a modern new age phenomenon. It’s as old as the hills and can be found in every ancient thought system and religion. It’s in our DNA.

But it can sometimes seem too complicated to bother with—visualizing, affirmations, positive attitude, and no negative thoughts! A lot of effort when you’re not even sure it works.

Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it simple for you.  It’s an exciting choice— do you want to live with intention or just drift along and take your chances with life?

$65 USD or 1300 pesos. Register early to take advantage of our prepayment discount:  $55 USD or 1100 pesos
Email for reservation, and for location details.


Our Newest Workshop Offering!

How to find a mate and make it work

Saturday, March 25th, 2017
Centro San Miguel

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Next Date TBA
Workshop:  Thriving Through Transition
With Sarah Powers and Margaret Nash

mhnash Sept flyerThere’s no escaping transition in modern day life. There are the transitions of our own making—such as a big move to Mexico and/or retiring—and the ones that hit us out of nowhere, like the defection of a spouse, a scary diagnosis, or the death of a loved one. Then there are those transitions that are anticipated yet not welcomed—think menopause, empty nest, or ending a relationship that simply isn’t working.

Whichever type of transition you’re facing – life can feel pretty unsettling.

Some people feel feel stunned and get stuck, like they’re spinning their wheels, some want to dive under the covers and hide from everything, and still others get lost in an overwhelming flurry of activity that doesn’t bring any satisfaction.

Navigating the shoals of change can feel risky and quite scary. But here’s the good news:  life transitions are like a door opening to a potential new you. But sometimes you need a roadmap to find your way through.

What if it were possible to do more than simply survive a challenging transition? What if you could embrace that opportunity, and you could actually THRIVE through your transition?

That’s exactly what we’ll help you do in our Thriving through Transition workshop.

Join us, Sarah Powers and Margaret Nash – both certified life coaches, for this half-day workshop on September 24th, where we’ll teach you a 4-step roadmap that will help you to ease the pain of transition and to manage it with more ease and acceptance.

$65 USD or 1200 pesos, discount for prepay
Email for reservation, and for location details.